safety가치를 추구 하는 기업 주식회사 한전사

  • G9SE_main

    OMRON safety relay unit G9SE

    • OFF-delay output model line-up with a slim shape
  • G9SB

    OMRON safety relay unit G9SB

    • 2-pole to the width 17.5mm, 3-pole-to-market, that the extreme width of 22.5mm 3

    (June 2001 is currently the industry's smallest size)

    • DIN rail mounting available

    • Safety standards EN, TUV acquisition

  • G9SA-300-SC

    OMRON safety relay unit (Sensor Connector Type) G9SA-300-SC

    • F3SN-A / F3SN-B / F3SH-A series plugs directly into the sensor connector and PNP output

    • prevent erroneous connection and wire-saving realization

    • Emergency stop switch can be connected

    • acquire European Standard EN TÜV certification

    • DIN rail mounting available

  • G9SA

    OMRON safety relay unit G9SA

    • a width of 45mm, 3-pole, 5-pole, 3-pole + 2-pole OFF-delay, 2 equipped with a hand controller

    • Expansion units are connected with one touch

    • OFF-delay time adjustable in 15 steps type

    • European EN standards, BG recognized acquisition plans

    • DIN rail mounting, Screw Mounting

  • G9SP

    OMRON Standalone safety PLC G9SP

    Realize the safety control with simple programming

    • Safety controllers Standalone

    • The safety input and output points the other three types of G9SP ready

    • Expansion possible four types of expansion I / O units for up to two control as standard

    • EtherNet, enables monitoring of the safety system by serial communication

    • Available with a variety of input devices such as non-contact door switches or limit switches Connection

    • Design, Verification, Part Tue, capable of re-programming tool (configurator) for preparation

    • ISO13849-1 (PLe), IEC61508 (SIL3) certified product

  • G9SX-GS

    OMRON Safety Guide Switching Unit G9SX-GS

    • coordinated work of man and machine in the auto switch function

    • Manual switching function

    • corresponding to abnormal operation of the site (checking, cleaning, etc.)

    • two safety inputs can be displayed by the external indicator device change output

    • error monitoring possible

    • Fault diagnostics by LED display detailed

    • logical connection function

    • IEC / EN61508 (SIL3), IEC / EN62061 (SIL3) and EN954-1 (Cat.4) Certification
  • G9SX

    OMRON G9SX flexible safety unit

    • The easy access to the logical expansion

    • Design flexibility to respond to changes or improvements

    • Semiconductor output because it is not necessary for regular exchange

    • disconnection, reducing the attribution of time because of a bad connection points with LED display

    • Simply connect the output points expandable up to 25 points to the contactor
  • G9SX-SM

    OMRON Standstill Monitoring Unit G9SX-SM

    • rotational inertia in the long device, which detects a stop to realize sensorless Unit
  • G9SX-LM

    OMRON Low-Speed Monitoring Unit G9SX-LM

    • based on the speed detection function, which ensure the safety of maintenance work Unit

  • NE1A-SCPU 시리즈

    OMRON Safety Network Controller NE1A-SCPU series

    • realize the programmable safety control. DeviceNet Safety Master / slave function