Safety_sensor가치를 추구 하는 기업 주식회사 한전사

  • RR

    OMRON safety light curtain series F3SG

    • A compact, high-performance condensing F3SG-R Series

    • respond to a variety of domestic and international environment

    • keep their site with a sturdy body and 'robustness'

    • IP67 protection corresponding structure

    • resistant to torsion (five times compared to conventional products)

    • resistant to extraneous light


  • OS32C_메인

    OMRON safety laser scanner series OS32C

    • Flat (104.5mm), safety laser scanner installed on a lightweight (1.3kg).


    • EtherNet / IP is also compatible type


    • work can be seen at a glance status


    • Allows centralized management via Ethernet


    • 70 조 regional settings, wiring commitment


    • realize the sanctuary 4m * Detection angle 270 ° in a compact size.


    • Protect reducing regional breakdown, replaceable sensor block without reset


    • Mount the reference point monitoring, useful for selecting


    • Set a complex area set easily, operating conditions can be identified
  • l_2622

    OMRON safety light curtains F3SR-B

    - Intuitively "know" that can be three kinds of lights


    * Easy optical axis adjustment


    * Photoelectric sensors sense the US can be adjusted along the optical axis Stability indicator (green LED)


    * Maintenance is simple,

    Intuitively "know" you can display the error type, etc.


    The simple design * Safety distance

    All types, fixed 15ms response time.


    * Simply set the sensing distance to the wiring conversion


    * Cable extension up to 100m OK


    * St. intensive relief in one place so that you can use in the world

    So rest assured supply voltage DC24V ± 20%


  • 1111

    OMRON multi-beam safety sensors PA4600-EP

    * Operating Range: 30m (98 feet)

    - Three kinds of scan codes to remove the interference

    * Optional long-range / short-range operating range

    * Two Box Design
    - No need for a separate control box

    * No need cable to connect the Transmitter and Receiver

    * External device monitoring
  • untitled(1)

    OMRON multi-beam safety sensors PA4600-BB

    * Operating Range: 0.8 ~ 8m

    - Three kinds of scan codes to eliminate the interference

    * Response time: 16ms or less

    * Easy access to the selection switch

    * Simple One-Box Design

    * Transmitter and receiver are located in one assembly

    * Simple wiring (pitcher insanity only in electrical connection required)

    * 2 PNP outputs Seri Petit
  • untitled(0)

    OMRON multi-beam safety sensors PA4600

    * Operating Range 70m

    - Three kinds of scan codes to remove the interference

    * Long-distance / short-haul operating range selection switch

    * 16ms response time of less than

    * One to six beams available
  • l_1550

    OMRON F3SN safety light curtains for keeping tools Series

    • dirt on the lens surface, an occasional misalignment of the optical axis, the light intensity decreases sure to check digital

    • Check the opening and closing times of the safety relay contacts will tell you when to change

    • Support the rapid recovery in the detailed error information
  • l_1519

    Single beam safety sensors OMRON E3ZS / E3FS

    • Sensing distance up to 10M

    • sensor head type resin and two types of metal type

    • A dedicated controller can connect up to four sets in E3FS B1 module 1 for F3SX
    ※ F3SX-EB / EL / -N series production ends in March 2012, XS2F, XS2W ends in September 2012. Please refer to the SERVICE-> Production Stop / recommend alternative product guide for details.

  • MS4800_대

    OMRON MS4800 safety light curtains

    • Safety integrity level (SIL according to EN61508 3)

    • Individual beam indicators

    • The external device monitoring

    • Basic / Standard / Premium